Register description

Information submitted in the response forms of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (the feedback on website, the feedback on page and the black economy tip-offs) are saved in order to enable contact with the sender and to reply to the response.

Combined register description and information document

Personal Data Act (523/1999) Sections 10 and 24

1. Controller
Regional State Administrative Agency of Northern Finland, Occupational Safety and Health Division, Post Box 229, 90101 Oulu, Finland. Phone 0295 017 500, e-mail

2. Contact person
Web Service Specialist Katariina Oranen

3. Register name
Responses to the online service of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

4. The purpose of processing personal data
The purpose of the forms is to offer a possibility to contact and leave response in matters concerning the online service. The sender is asked to leave his/her contact information for the OSH Administration to process the response, however, you may also leave your response anonymously. Personal data will be processed within the limits allowed and under the prerequisites in the Personal Data Act.

5. Contents of the register
Contact information (name, e-mail address, phone number) submitted by the sender will be saved as well as the response.

6. Regular sources of data
Those who have sent their responses have given their information with their consent. Data will be saved only in connection with the response forms to the OSH Administration's online service.

7. Transfer of data
A message will only be given to those employees of the OSH Administration whose expertise is needed for the reply and to whom the response is addressed. Data will be transferred to outsiders only due to a reporting duty based on law.

8. Transfer of data outside of the EU or the EEA
Personal data is not transferred outside of the EU and the EEA, unless is necessary in order to produce the services of the register controller.

9. The principles of register protection

  • Manual material: Electronically submitted responses are printed out only when needed. Paper prints are destroyed immediately after the processing.
  • Electronic material: The access to read, send and remove messages is limited to only employees who are responsible for the online service. The register controller's IT system and the device in which the register is located is protected by normally used technical protection methods. The use of the register requires a personal username and a password granted only to employees responsible for the online services. An access control system is used in the premises of the register controller.

10. Right to access data
The data subjects have a right to inspect information stored on them, a right to require that erroneous data is corrected and in other respects relay on the rights referred to in the Personal Data Act. A written request to access and correct personal data shall be addressed to the person who is responsible for register matters (see under 2).