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null 7 ways to promote equality in the workplace

7 ways to promote equality in the workplace

10 Sep 2020

Occupational safety and health inspectors compiled seven proven ways to promote equality at the workplace:​​​​​

  1. Review the workplace processes and practices together from a non-discrimination perspective. You can consider e.g. recruitment, assignment of job duties, trainings and access to them, employment benefits, and career advancement. It is good to note that treating all employees in the same way does not mean that equality is achieved. Consider together what is needed for people to be truly equal.
  2. Pay attention to equality and diversity of people in workplace materials, forms, and communication.
  3. Establish a team for the assessment and development of non-discrimination and equality matters at the workplace.
  4. Ensure that there are clear procedures at the workplace to address and prevent discrimination.
  5. Provide opportunities for staff to participate in training on non-discrimination in working life. Increasing knowledge is an essential part of developing an equal workplace culture.
  6. Develop an equality plan for the workplace, including concrete measures to promote equality at the workplace. (Note: for workplaces with 30 or more employees, this is required by law)
  7. Periodically review the situation of equality at the workplace and, if necessary, make changes and clarifications to the promotion measures. Checklists, anonymous questionnaires, and personnel barometers, for example, can be used to help with the review.

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