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null Occupational safety and health supervision reacts to changes in working life

Occupational safety and health supervision reacts to changes in working life

29 Jun 2022

In 2021, the coronavirus epidemic continued to affect the work of OSH authorities. Even so, the impacts of the coronavirus were lesser last year than in 2020, as activities had already been adapted to the new situation and operating environment. 

Workplace supervision was developed and new operating methods were introduced. OSH authorities carried out more than 20,000 inspections during the year, some of which were carried out remotely while others were hybrid inspections. Workplaces predominantly welcomed the new forms of inspection.
In addition to inspections, OSH authorities processed approximately 1,600 permits, received more than 33,000 statutory notifications and investigated more than 1,100 occupational accidents. The OSH telephone service answered more than 20,000 phone calls. In addition to the written advice and improvement notices issued during the inspections, the OSH authorities also had to power to issue binding decisions, prohibitions of use, conditional fines and negligence fees.

In addition to inspections, other means of influence to promote occupational safety and health were also utilised. Multi-channel communications, online seminars and other events, targeted advisory services, and monitoring and inspection and review were used to support and motivate work to improve workplace safety. The piloting of an interactive digital e-service began in autumn 2021. The service allows employers to respond to the obligations imposed during inspections and to assess the safety of their working environment. Employees can submit an electronic enforcement request for a certificate of employment. The development of e-services will continue this year.

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Annual Report of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in Finland 2021 (pdf)

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Deputy Director Hanna-Kaisa Rajala, Regional State Administrative Agency for Northern Finland, Occupational Safety and Health Division, +358 (0)295 017 625, firstname.lastname@avi.fi