Advice and guidance - Alasivu

As an occupational safety and health authority, our goal is to see to it that the employer, personnel and occupational health care collaborate in taking measures that promote work ability at each workplace. We support workplaces by providing advice and guidance on occupational safety and health and in questions concerning the terms and conditions of employment.

Contact us by phone or in writing

The Occupational Safety and Health Inspector advises the customer by telephone.

You can contact us at the Regional State Administrative Agency’s Occupational Safety and Health Divisions, for example, by calling our telephone service or by sending an email to the Occupational Safety and Health Division within the competence of which your workplace is located. Your contact will be transferred to the official responsible for the matter in question.

You may contact us by phone regarding:

  • accident notifications on serious occupational accidents
  • inspection requests concerning your workplace.

The following must be submitted in writing:

  • requests for action
  • applications for exemptions
  • notifications to be submitted to the OSH authority.

A written request for action by the authorities must always include the customer’s name and contact details and a detailed description of what is requested of occupational safety and health enforcement and on what grounds.

Tools for the workplace

We regularly organise free webinars and participate in other events where we provide useful OSH information to both employers and employees. For more information please see the Events page (in Finnish).

We also offer different self-assessment tools for the use of workplaces. Occupational safety and health indicators can be utilised for assessment and as instruments of safety management.

Customer service development project underway

We are currently developing a new type of interactive e-service, the purpose of which is to provide customers with new ways of working together with the occupational safety and health authority. Our aim is to enable, for example, the creation of a situational picture of occupational safety and health activities in the workplace and faster solutions to request for services and monitoring the progress of the processing.

For more information, on development work, please see the page titled Developing interactive customer service.