Developing interactive customer service

Developing interactive customer service - Yleistä

Occupational Safety and Health Administration aims to involve customers’ needs in the development of digital occupational safety and health services. In spring 2020, we tested service design with workplaces, stakeholders and our own staff. We wanted to especially focus on digital services, such as smart services, advanced information retrieval and the maintenance of our supervision data as well as tools and good practices for improving occupational safety and health activities while taking into account the specific requirements of each workplace.

In the service design workshops, we received a lot of information and ideas on what kind of services the workplaces would benefit from the most in the development of occupational safety and health. A large number of employers and employees from different workplaces in different parts of Finland participated in the workshops. Various sectors were extensively involved in the development work. With the help of the information gathered, we have started developing a new type of interactive e-service that would make it possible to use services 24/7 and to optimise the independent use of our services at workplaces.

We are now piloting service scenarios selected from the workshops. They include new service channels as well as methods of guidance and supervision whose purpose is to make our operations more impactful. We are utilising the opportunities of digitalisation by boldly experimenting with partners and customers.

E-services under development

We are currently setting up new electronic services for the assessment of occupational safety and health management at workplaces, for reporting fulfillment of obligations issued by the occupational safety and health inspector and for submitting a supervision request after a certificate of employment has not been provided. The services make it possible, for example, to create and update a situational picture of occupational safety and health activities at a workplace and to resolve a service request more quickly and provide a possibility to monitor the processing of the request.

We will continue to report on the progress of the interactive customer service development project on our website. Stay tuned!

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