Initial ship inspection

Permits and notifications - Initial ship inspection

It is the shipowner’s responsibility to ensure that an initial inspection is carried out on board a new ship or a ship that is going to fly the Finnish flag. Initial inspections are designed to allow occupational safety and health authorities to satisfy themselves that all on-board workspaces and accommodation comply with the applicable legal provisions and regulations.

The initial inspection must be carried out, if possible, before a ship is taken into service and in any case no later than six months from the date on which the ship is taken into service. A new initial inspection must be carried out if substantial alterations are made to a ship.

Booking an initial inspection

Initial inspections can be booked by telephoning or e-mailing the Division of Occupational Safety and Health of the Regional State Administrative Agency in whose jurisdiction the inspection is to be carried out. See here for contact information.

A fee is payable for the inspection. Any travel expenses incurred by inspectors for having to carry out initial inspections and periodic inspections abroad are charged to the shipowner.