Occupational health care

Occupational health care

There must be an unambiguous agreement on the occupational health care agreed upon with the employer.

Under the Act of Posting Workers, the Occupational Health Care Act applies also to posted workers. Therefore a foreign employer is required to provide his employees with statutory occupational health care for the duration of those employees’ work in Finland.

The employer’s responsibility to provide occupational health care and the content and implementation of occupational health care are provided for in the Occupational Health Care Act. The basic principle in occupational health care legislation is that the employer should use the expertise of occupational health care professionals in fulfilling his obligations under the Occupational Health Care Act.

The principal rule is that the employer must provide his employees with occupational health care in Finland, regardless of the size of the workplace or the duration of the work. In practice, the occupational safety and health authorities have accepted arrangements where the client organises occupational health care for the employees of a foreign subcontractor or foreign agency workers, provided that the client can show an agreement to this effect between the client and the employer of the employees concerned.

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