Collective agreements for the transport sector

Pay in Finland - Transport sector

Collective agreements for the transport sector

Determine the correct collective agreement for the work carried out below, and go through the link to the collective agreement to determine pay and compensation.

Employees of companies engaged in regional, foreign and domestic freight transport. Drivers of vehicles, loaders, cranes, concrete mixers and other specialised vehicles:

Bus transport:
Coach and bus crews

Tank truck transport work or tank container transport. (Not when transporting food, waste, fertilisers, solid soil or feed unless classified as ADR):
Tanker and oil products sector

Work in terminals and warehouses and storage hotels:


Stewardesses and stewards on regular service and heavy charter flights:
Cabin crew

Ferry traffic personnel (excluding ship and vessel workers):
Ferry traffic personnel

Office employees, traffic management employees, technical employees at repair shops and terminal managers working in the road traffic sector:
Salaried employees in the road traffic sector