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Self-employed driver - Yleistä

Self-employed drivers (entrepreneur drivers) who operate carriage by road are governed by the Finnish Act on Transport Services (320/2017). The purpose of the Act is to maintain and improve the safety and health of road transport professionals. Another aim is to promote fair competition in the transport sector.

The Act regulates drivers’ maximum weekly working hours, breaks and night work. It contains provisions requiring self-employed drivers to record or otherwise reliably account for their working hours and any exceptions to their working hours due to technical or practical reasons.

The working hours of self-employed drivers must average out at no more than 48 hours per week over a period of no more than four months. However, a driver’s total working time must not exceed 60 hours in any given week. Any shift that involves working between the hours of 1.00 and 5.00 am must not be longer than 10 hours in total. These rules can be derogated from for practical reasons, but the reasons must be documented.

Moreover, self-employed drivers are not permitted to work for a period of more than six hours (driving time and other work combined) without a break. A break of at least 30 minutes must be taken during every shift of between six and nine hours. If the shift length exceeds nine hours, a break of at least 45 minutes must be taken. However, the break can be split up into shorter blocks of at least 15 minutes each.

Self-employed drivers must keep records or other reliable accounts of their working hours over the previous two years, showing the hours worked and breaks taken as required by the law. Compliance with the law is enforced by occupational safety and health authorities.

Self-employed driver - Lainsäädäntö



Act on Transport Services (320/2017)
  • Section 49 – Maximum weekly working time of self-employed drivers
  • Section 50 – Night work of self-employed drivers
  • Section 51 – Breaks of self-employed drivers
  • Section 52 – Working time records of self-employed drivers


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