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Both the developer and the principal contractor on a construction site are responsible for ensuring that everyone working on site has a photo ID as required in the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Other employers operating on site are also responsible for ensuring the same with regard to their employees and the employees of their respective partners.

The photo ID must show:

  1. the name of the person,
  2. a photo of the person,
  3. the name of the employer (wage payer)
    (independent contractors should enter ‘independent contractor’ if the name of their firm is not the same as their own name), and 
  4. the tax number of the person, entered in the public tax number register maintained by the Tax Administration. 

A photo ID is mandatory for everyone working at a construction site that is a shared workplace. However, persons making occasional deliveries to the construction site do not need to have a photo ID. Photo IDs are not required on a construction site where a building or part thereof is being built or repaired for the personal use of a private individual who is the developer.

For more information about the photo ID and other obligations on a construction site, see the page Construction industry.