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null More power to supervision of foreign workforce and prevention of grey economy

More power to supervision of foreign workforce and prevention of grey economy


When foreign employees are sent to work in Finland employer must deliver prenotification of employees starting 1.9.2017 to health and safety authority. The posting company must do notification prior start of the works. Notification is to be done online at

Prenotifications support, for their part authorities work to prevent grey economy. Chief inspector Anu Ikonen from South-West Finland AVI says that one of the objectives is to intensify the supervision of posting companies in line with Posted workers directive.

"The information we will receive via these notifications will help us to target our supervision on real time and also to collect statistical data about the number of companies posting as well as number of posted employees. The new act also allows transfer from criminal fines to administrative fee i.e. negligence fee (1000 -10 000 euros) set by regional AVI agency. Also Finnish company posting its employees to other country must in advance ensure the obligations to be complied within receiving country", reminds Ikonen.

CFS HSE deputy manager Pia Vuorinen from OL3-site Olkiluoto is telling what this amendment means from employer point of view. 

"The implementation of notification obligation has been known/recognised in OL3 site already for long, and has been seen as increased communication towards the site employers.  Communication was first started already well before the enforcement of actual section about notification, June 2016, and has been ongoing ever since", Vuorinen states.

Important support has been co-operation with chief inspector Anu Ikonen, with whom meetings have been organised and who has attended to the information events organised to the site employers. As important has been that support material about the act and amendment is available in English in AVI webpage. "Essential for the success in this change is the cooperation with site employers, that is only way to ensure that also new employers located abroad will receive information and guidance about this obligation", Pia Vuorinen emphasises.

Notification is client and workplace specific, in other words is work is done in several site or for several clients, for each must be done separate notification. In construction site notification must be done always. In construction site notification must be forwarded to the builder and main contractor.

For more information, please contact
Chief inspector Anu Ikonen, tel. +358 295 018 143