About the service

About the service

Tyosuojelu.fi is the common online service of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. You can give us response on the contents, functionality and errors using feedback form or per e-mail tyosuojelu.verkkopalvelu@avi.fi. The online service is administrated by the Communication Unit of the Occupational Safety and Health Divisions of Regional State Administrative Agencies

Structure of the online service

The online service is divided into seven main sections, e.g. service areas:

  • Employment relationship with information on how to conclude an employment contract, working hours, payment, annual holidays and other leaves from employment, lay-offs and termination of employment relationships.
  • Working conditions with information on how the work and working environment should be planned and which requirements must be set on them. The service area provides information on the stress factors of work and how to prevent different hazards and risks.
  • Occupational health and accidents with information on occupational health care, occupational accidents and occupational diseases and work-related diseases.
  • Safety and health in the workplace offers instructions on the contents of the occupational safety and health co-operation, on how to draw up an occupational safety and health policy and an assessment of hazards and risks. Moreover; the section contains presentations of different working condition indicators.
  • Grey economy offers information on the occupational safety and health authority's role in preventing black economy and the obligations of the employer, for example about personal ID: s and list of workers.
  • Market surveillance contains information on the surveillance when placing a product on the market or for use. The surveillance concerns for example manufacturers, importers and sellers of machinery or personal protective equipment used at work.
  • About us contains information about the occupational safety and health authority's duties and about the occupational safety and health administration as an organization and as a workplace. In this service area, you also find the contact information of the OSH Divisions as well as publications, press releases and online news.

Copyrights, responsibilities, cookies and personal data processing


The copyrights on the material belong to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, unless otherwise specified. The text content may be cited and pages may be linked, but the source must be mentioned. There are links in Tyosuojelu.fi to pages produced by others and the occupational safety and health administration takes no liability for the contents on these pages.


The Occupational Safety and Health administration aims at keeping the information in the online service correct and updated. The service provider is not responsible for any damages caused by errors or deficiencies or technical disturbances.

The contents in Tyosuojelu.fi are of a general nature and do not refer to specific cases. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not accept any responsibility or liability for direct or indirect damages due to practical application, interpretation or misunderstanding or other the consequences.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reserves the right to make changes on the pages when needed or to limit the access for compelling reasons. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration do not guarantee a seamless use of the pages.

Privacy (cookies)

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration accumulates statistical data on the visitors to develop Tyosuojelu.fi website. This data consists of for example i.e. visitor numbers, times, most popular pages and browser and operating systems. The data is not individualized in the statistics and not made available to a third party.

Tyosuojelu.fi uses cookies to compile statistical information on usage. If a user visiting the website doesn't want the OSH Administration to receive information through cookies, most web browsers allow user to disable cookies by changing the settings of the browser. 

Personal data processing

The privacy statements on the processing of personal data by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are on the page Data protection. Information submitted in the Tyosuojelu.fi feedback forms is saved in order to enable contact with the sender and to reply to the response.