Monitoring in numbers

There are about 250,000 workplaces in Finland subject to monitoring by the occupational safety and health authorities. We aim to target our inspections so that our monitoring will be as effective as possible. About half of our inspections concern workplaces with fewer than ten employees.

In 2017, we performed over 27,000 workplace inspections initiated by authorities or customers. We issued over 61,000 written advices and about 8,100 improvement notices on matters that should be corrected at workplaces. We submit an inspection report to the workplace in question no later than one month after the end of the inspection, or when the Occupational Safety and Health Division has access to all the necessary material.

We received nearly 34,000 communications from customers in 2017. Almost half of these had to do with employment relationships, and the majority of the rest had to do with working conditions. Nearly 1,700 of these communications led to an occupational safety and health inspection.

On about 320 occasions we were obliged to use coercive measures: prohibitions on use, various obligatory decisions and fines for neglect of contractor’s liability.

We filed about 400 reports with the police concerning aggravated occupational safety and health offences, and we issued about 636 statements to the police and prosecutors. We also investigated a total of 939 occupational accidents in 2017.