E-service pilot

E-service pilot

A pilot for an interactive occupational safety and health e-service is now available. Users can access the services with Suomi.fi identification.

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There are three services included in the pilot:

Employer: report amendments you have made

Home page view of the occupational safety and health e-service.Through the service, you can submit a report in response to a request made by an occupational safety and health inspector and the related instructions. In the service, you can supplement your written report with any attachments you want, such as documents, photographs and video materials.

Based on your report, the occupational safety and health inspector will assess the fulfilment of your obligations. You will receive the decision made by the inspector in your email. If you have any questions about the content of the obligation, please contact the inspector who issued it.

In the pilot stage, submitting reports in the e-service is not available for all requests and instructions issued by occupational safety and health inspectors. The option applies to obligations issued in selected control projects after the launch of the pilot.

Employer: assess the safety of your work environment

In this service, employers can make an assessment of occupational safety management. It includes a section for identifying and assessing work-related hazards and harmful factors. For more information, see the Halmeri method page. The service also includes the option of using the tools and methods of the Centre for Occupational Safety. 

Employee: submit an enforcement request for a certificate of employment

When your employment relationship ends, ask your employer for a certificate of employment. If the employer does not provide you with the certificate, you can submit an enforcement request in the e-service. In the service, you will select the employer from whom you want a certificate of employment. Then, an occupational safety and health inspector may issue a notice to the employer requiring them to provide a certificate of employment. In the e-service, you can see how the matter is progressing.

Please note that the Employment Contracts Act does not apply to office holders. In matters concerning employment relationships, the powers of the Occupational Safety and Health Divisions are based on the Employment Contracts Act (55/2001). If necessary, an official or office holder may contact their trade union for matters related to certificates of employment. A non-unionised official or office holder may contact a legal aid office if they so wish.

More information about the service

Information provided through the e-service is stored in the occupational safety and health authority’s case management system and/or the enforcement information system, and the information can be used in the occupational safety and health authority’s supervisory activities.