Site-specific crane operator permission

Permits and notifications - Site-specific crane operator permission

A person with a relevant vocational qualification, an applied part of a qualification and persons who have been granted permissions due to recognition of a qualification or a site-specific permission application is allowed to work as a crane operator in Finland. The Division of Occupational Safety and Health of the Regional State Administrative Agency recognizes qualifications and grants the permissions.

More information on the crane operator's vocational qualification on the webpage Machines and equipment > Driver competence (in Finnish).

Applying for a site-specific permission

The employer may apply for a site-specific permission, in order to meet the vocational qualification requirements. The form Application for a site-specific permission to operate a crane can be used when applying for a permission (pdf). The application must be submitted as a letter or per e-mail to the OSH Division at the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland. The contact information: Contact us > Southern Finland.

Please include the following information in your application:

  • Information on the crane operator (date of birth, nationality, a copy of the crane driver certificate, an account on the crane driver training and its contents as well as the working history in regard of crane operations)
  • Information on the general contractor
  • Address of the construction site
  • Duration of the work (date when the work starts and ends)
  • Information on the crane in use
  • Invoicing address.

When the requirements are met, the OSH Division of the Regional State Administrative Agency grants a permission for operating the crane for the duration of the construction site however, for maximum five weeks. A handling fee of 200 € will be collected.

Permits and notifications - Site-specific crane operator permission - Lainsäädäntö



Government Decree on the Safe Use and Inspection of Work Equipment (403/2008), Section 14 Special competence requirements (pdf)