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Berry picking - Alasivu

The occupational safety and health authorities monitor the working conditions and terms and conditions of employment of employees in employment relationships. In berry picking where the pickers are in an employment relationship, employment legislation and the applicable collective agreement must be complied with.

Terms and conditions of employment in berry picking 2021

Support and maintenance personnel in employment relationships and, for instance, workers on berry farms, are covered by employment legislation and hence subject to the monitoring of employment relationships and working conditions by the occupational safety and health authorities.

Berry picking work in an employment relationship must comply with the collective agreement for the agricultural industry and currently valid employment legislation.

Terms of employment for seasonal workers in agriculture for 2021

The guide ‘Terms of employment for seasonal workers in agriculture for 2021’ has been published for seasonal workers in agriculture. In addition to Finnish and Swedish, the guide is available in English, Russian and Ukrainian. 

The guide was compiled by the Industrial Union and the Federation of Agricultural Employers MTA in cooperation with producer organisations, the Fruit and Berry Farmers' Association and the Suonenjoki Berry Farmers' Association.

Terms of employment for seasonal workers in agriculture for 2021

Maatalouden kausityöntekijän työehdot vuonna 2021

Anställningsvillkor för säsongsarbetare inom jordbruket år 2021

Трудовые условия сезонных работников в сельском хозяйстве в 2021 году

Умови роботи сезонного сільськогосподарського працівника у 2021 році

Forest berry picking

Forest berry pickers are generally not regarded as being in an employment relationship, because their work does not satisfy the elements of an employment relationship. In order for an employment relationship to exist, there must be an employment contract where the employee commits to working under the direction and supervision of the employer in return for wages or other compensation. (Labour Council statements TN 1483-10, 3 Jun 2010 and TN 1458-14, 24 Jun 2014, in Finnish).

The status of foreign forest berry pickers is described in a memo by Jaana Paanetoja LL.D.: Status of foreign forest berry pickers (Edilex news, 25 Aug 2014, pdf, in Finnish).

The Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Services) in Northern Ostrobothnia is responsible for the guidance and expert opinions in matters concerning foreigners employed to pick wild berries and other wild products in Finland.

Letter of intent concerning forest berry picking

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs have concluded a letter of intent with several companies in the berry processing industry. The purpose of this letter of intent is to improve and homogenise procedures concerning citizens of countries requiring a visa to enter Finland who arrive for the purpose of picking natural produce or for related duties.

The letter of intent contains 32 points concerning agreed procedures. The companies inviting foreign berry pickers undertook for instance to improve the training and guidance provided to them. Also, the recruitment and other costs charged from the berry pickers will be moderated, and reimbursement of costs will be monitored more closely. Quality criteria for accommodation and washing facilities for the berry pickers and for catering will be tightened. The letter of intent is not intended to affect the employment law status of the berry pickers.

Under the letter of intent, the user companies are responsible for ensuring that berry pickers entering Finland on a visa engage in no other work than berry picking, which would be a violation of the Aliens Act. Support and maintenance personnel (cooks, car mechanics, location scouts, caretakers, group leaders, accountants, etc.) in paid employment must have the required residence permit. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy directs the employment and economic development offices processing the employees’ residence permit applications to expedite their processing.

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