Pay in Finland - Industry sector

Collective agreements for the industry sector

Determine the correct collective agreement for the work carried out below, and go through the link to the collective agreement to determine pay and compensation.

Metal industry

Metal products industry, electronics and electrical industry, metal processing and machine and vehicles industry:
Technology industry employees
Salaried employees in the technology industry (in Finnish)
Senior salaried employees in the technology industry

Industrial insulation and construction sheet metal work (in Finnish):
Sheet and industrial insulation branch

Electricity and energy industry

Building, repair, service and maintenance of electrical equipment, or tasks that are closely related to these, or repair and maintenance of electrical devices:
Electrification and electrical installation (in Finnish)

Finnish Energy industry work:
Salaried employees in the Finnish energy industry
Senior salaried employees in the Finnish energy industry (in Finnish)

Telecommunications, information technology, network technology or similar sectors:
Energy, ICT and networking (in Finnish)

Agriculture and forestry

Work at outdoor cultivation farms and in further processing and packing plants, farm relief activities, livestock farms, racing and riding stables, animal care centres, petting zoos and parks and other enterprises engaged in rural activities (in Finnish):
Rural industries

Manufacture of timber, forest management and forest improvement work, other forestry work, timber floating and related work (in Finnish):

Mechanical felling, manufacture and handling of timber and unloading and loading of timber at industrial plants, warehouses or ports (in Finnish):
Machine work in forestry

Production of flowers, green plants, vegetables, saplings and mushrooms, plant rental and maintenance companies, flowers sales centres and wholesale and retail of horticultural products (in Finnish):
Horticultural branch

Peat production, seasonal nature (in Finnish):
Peat production

Other work related to production activities in the nursery sector, such as cone collection, picking cones from vertical trees, seed cultivation and forest processing work (in Finnish):
Forest tree nursery branch

Work at fur farms, feed centres and skinning centres (in Finnish):
Fur production branch

Wood product and paper industry

Natural energy raw material and industry that refines the growing medium (in Finnish):
Bio industry

Work to be carried out in connection with sawmills, planing plants, timber treatment plants, plywood, wooden elements, wooden houses, construction carpenters, box, wood and chipboard mills and fibre plate mills operating in connection with these industries, and their by-product and service departments (in Finnish):
Mechanical forestry industry
The collective agreements of salaried employees in the mechanical forest industry are not currently being negotiated. Read more on the website Trade Union Pro (in Finnish).

Carpentry industry and related service departments (in Finnish):
Carpentry industry
Salaried employees in the carpentry industry

Paper production (in Finnish):
Paper industry
The collective agreements of salaried employees in the paper  industry are not currently being negotiated. Read more on the website Trade Union Pro.

Paper processing (in Finnish):
Paperboard and paper processors
Salaried employees in the paperboard and paper processing sector

Chemicals branch

Car and machine repair shop workers, outfitting, refurbishment and washing of sold cars and machines, office and service tasks in car dealers, car and machine vendors and spare parts vendors (in Finnish):
Car retail and engineering branch

Tyre installation, coating and minor auto installation work in some companies (in Finnish):
Motor vehicle tyre branch

Manufacture of basic chemicals, manufacture of alkaline and chlorine, gas industry, fertiliser and pesticide industry and pharmaceutical raw materials industry (in Finnish):
Basic chemical industry
Salaried employees in the chemicals branch
Senior salaried employees in the chemicals industry

Manufacture of shoes and their components, bags, furs, leather and leather products (in Finnish):
Shoe and leather industry
Agreement for salaried employees of the shoe, leather, and goldsmith industry, as well as, the brush and paintbrush sector 

Manufacture of tyres, different types of belts, hoses, coatings, rubber boots and rubber alloys (in Finnish):
Rubber industry
Salaried employees in the rubber industry

Manufacture of roofing felt, manufacture of medicines and plastic products (in Finnish):
Plastics industry and chemical products industry

Manufacture of petroleum products and petrochemical products (in Finnish):
Oil, natural gas and petrochemical industries

Food industry

Food sector (in Finnish)

Employees of slaughterhouses, sausage factories and precooked food factories and their maintenance departments (in Finnish):
Meat sector

Food industry workers (in Finnish):
Food industry workers

Employees working in bakery production, storage and maintenance departments (in Finnish):

Workers in dairy production, processed cheese factories and ice cream factories as well as the employees of their maintenance departments (in Finnish):
Dairy producers

Salaried employees in the food industry (in Finnish):
Salaried employees in the food industry 

Other industry

Manufacture and installation of window and balcony glazing and glass sanding (in Finnish):
Glazing, construction glazing and glass processing branch

Manufacture and publishing of books, magazines and other printed matter, graphic sector companies (in Finnish):
Media and printing sector employees

Mining industry (in Finnish):
Ore mine industry

Production activities in the textile and clothing sector (in Finnish):
Textiles and fashion branch
Salaried employees in the textiles and fashion branch

Laundry work (in Finnish):
Textile services branch

Salaried employees in the consulting sector (in Finnish):
Collective bargaining agreement for salaried employees in the consulting sector

Senior salaried employees in the consulting sector:
Collective bargaining agreement for senior salaried employees in the consulting sector


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