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Notification of Posting of Workers

The posting company is obligated to inform the Occupational Safety and Health Authority when posting workers to Finland before the beginning of the work as referred to in Section 7 in the Act on Posting Workers.

Use the form below to provide the relevant information to the Occupational Safety and Health Authority about the posting of workers to Finland. For more information on how to report, please see Instructions for filling in the e-form (pdf). If the information changes substantially, a prerequisite for the continuation of work in Finland is that the posting company immediately makes a supplementary notice.

The prior notification of construction work and the supplementary notification must also be  submitted to the builder and the general contractor. This is a prerequisite for work.

Information marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Posting company


Contractor means an undertaking or other party that buys services from a posting undertaking.

Work in Finland

If you answer the question concerning the building sector affirmately, please answer also the additional questions. Building work means construction, repair, upkeep, alteration or demolition of structures, including excavation, earthmoving, assembly and dismantling of prefabricated elements, fitting out and installation work, alterations, dismantling, maintenance, upkeep, painting and cleaning work, and improvements.

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