Taxes and tax numbers

Taxes and tax numbers

The Tax Administration is the authority in Finland which is responsible for taxation. If you arrive in Finland to work, the most important single factor affecting your tax treatment is the duration of your stay. Another important factor is the tax residency of your employer — is your employer considered a Finnish employer or a foreign employer. 

The worker is responsible for the validity of the taxation, you will find more information on the webbsite of the Tax Authoritities.

Workers at a construction site must have a photVerotus-kuvituskuvao ID

Everyone working at a construction site must display an individual photo ID at all times when on site.

The only exceptions to the photo ID requirement are persons delivering supplies to the construction site on a temporary basis and persons performing construction or repair work for their own personal use. No photo ID is required for such persons. Also, photo ID is not required on construction sites that are not shared workplaces.

The photo ID must show:

  • whether the person in question is an employee or an independent contractor;
  • if an independent contractor, the photo ID must show the name of his/her business enterprise,
  • name and photo of the employee,
  • name of the employer (wage payer), and
  • tax number entered in the public register of Tax Numbers.

Employees may request a tax number at the local tax office or by phoning the Tax Administration helpline. An employer may request tax numbers for all employees at once. 

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