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Occupational safety and health inspectors monitor several obligations the neglecting of which may gain a business significant financial benefit compared with those businesses who play by the rules.

The grey economy is monitored by many authorities, as combating the grey economy requires efficient cooperation between authorities.

The key duties of occupational safety and health authorities in combating the grey economy are:

  • Employers only employ foreign workers who have the right to work in Finland.
  • Work done in Finland is compensated as specified in universally binding collective agreements, including overtime pay and increments.
  • Working hours and overtime arrangements conform to legislation and agreements.
  • The minimum terms and conditions of workers’ employment relationships are equal to or higher than the statutory minimum. The occupational safety and health authorities monitor the terms and conditions of the employment of foreign workers in particular, specifically that foreign workers are paid as specified in universally binding collective agreements for work done in Finland.
  • The partners used by employers that are contractors for subcontracting and for sourcing temporary agency work must fulfil the requirements of the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work Is Contracted Out.
  • Operators in the construction industry (developers, principal contractors and employers) must ensure that everyone working at a construction site has a photo ID with their tax number displayed.
  • The principal contractor on a construction site must have on site an up-to-date list of the workers working there.