Advisory service

Advisory service - Alasivu

Providing information, guidance and advice are key statutory functions of occupational health care. Their purpose is to provide employers, employees and other actors at the workplace with information and skills concerning occupational safety and health, and further to promote the adoption of attitudes and practices conducive to occupational health at the workplace.

Information, guidance, advice and feedback are given to employers and employees about:

  1. the objectives and content of occupational health care (when starting operations and at various stages of operations),
  2. health hazards and risks at work and at the workplace, their importance, how to protect against them, and first aid readiness,
  3. healthy and safe work methods (when beginning work and if necessary in the course of the work),
  4. occupational diseases and occupational accidents and how to prevent them,
  5. work-related illnesses and other morbidity connected with work,
  6. work development, work environment development, workplace community development, maintenance and promotion of employee health and work capacity, and prevention of disability (at various stages of an employee’s career),
  7. the importance of resources that maintain and promote health and work capacity,
  8. health hazards and risks involved in work methods, work arrangements, working hours, workplace circumstances and changes therein, and how to manage them,
  9. substance abuse prevention, early identification of substance abuse problems, treatment and referral to treatment,
  10. preventing and controlling physical violence, harassment and inappropriate behaviour related to the work,
  11. unemployment issues,
  12. narrowing health gaps among personnel, and
  13. occupational health cooperation and the providing of work capacity management and monitoring and early support practices.