Workplace survey

Workplace survey - Alasivu

The workplace survey provides the employer information about the health impacts of the work and working conditions at the workplace.

A broad and thorough workplace survey forms the foundation for occupational health care functions at the workplace. The purpose of the workplace survey is for the occupational health care service to investigate the circumstances of the workplace and the work being done and to evaluate their health impacts on employees. In the workplace survey, the occupational health care service also assesses physical and psychosocial work loads, work arrangements and the risks of accidents and violence.

The workplace survey report includes proposals on how to improve working conditions and promote work capacity. The workplace survey report contains information on specific hazards causing risk of illness and on action the employer should take to eliminate or minimise those hazards. It also outlines the necessary health examinations to be conducted.

In addition to a basic workplace survey, the occupational health care service may also perform targeted workplace surveys, for instance on work ergonomics or psychosocial work load. Occupational health care professionals will visit the workplace to assess health risks and, if necessary, to measure them. They also use questionnaires and interviews to explore the physical and psychosocial work load. The workplace survey includes investigating first aid readiness.

The employer is responsible for ensuring that the workplace survey has been performed and that its findings are up to date. The workplace survey must cover all circumstances of the workplace and all work being done there. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, it is the employer’s responsibility to identify hazards, assess risks and record them. The workplace survey report may be appended to the hazard identification and risk assessment process that is the employer's responsibility.

The employer must keep the workplace survey at display for the employees on the workplace.