Construction projects

Construction projects

All the parties involved in a construction project (the developer, the designer, the project supervisor, the employer and any independent contractors) must take care of their own responsibilities and cooperate with each other where necessary.


The project supervisor, the employer, the developer and the designer can be held criminally liable if they fail to meet their obligations under the Finnish Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Finnish Government Decree on the Safety of Construction Work (205/2009). These parties and their representatives can be found guilty of crimes against occupational safety and health pursuant to the Criminal Code of Finland.

Negligence can lead to punishment


Pursuant to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, any developer or their representative who intentionally or through carelessness fails to draw up a report or a plan required under the Occupational Safety and Health Act or regulations issued on the basis thereof can be given a fine for a violation of occupational safety and health regulations unless a more severe punishment is provided for elsewhere in the law.


For example, a safety coordinator acting as a developer’s statutory representative can be given a sentence for failing to meet their obligations. However, appointing a safety coordinator does not release the other operators from liability.


Any person who is found to be criminally liable can be ordered to pay damages if their negligence has caused someone to incur losses for which damages can be awarded pursuant to the Finnish Tort Liability Act.