MVR measures the occupational safety of civil engineering works similarly to TR, which is used in the residential construction sector.

MVR covers

  • procedures and the operation of machinery
  • equipment
  • protections and safeguards
  • access routes, and
  • order and stocks.

MVR can be used instead of weekly maintenance checks

Civil engineering companies can base their weekly statutory maintenance checks on the MVR safety observation method. All persons performing checks at a site must use the same assessment criteria in order for the results to be reliable.

Use of MVR in the context of inspections

Inspectors break the site into smaller sectors, inspect each sector for factors that could contribute to occupational accidents and record their findings on a standard form on a pass/fail basis. The inspector’s observations form the basis of an overall index for the site, which illustrates the percentage of factors that are in order relative to all the issues addressed in the course of the inspection.

The employer can use the feedback to plan improvements. A site’s MVR index is 100 if all the inspected issues are in order.

MVR template (in Finnish)