TR is a safety observation method for measuring occupational safety at residential construction sites.
TR covers
  • scaffolds, bridges and ladders
  • machinery and equipment
  • fall protection
  • procedures
  • electricity and lighting
  • order, and
  • dust (since 2010).

TR can be used instead of weekly maintenance checks

Many construction companies base their weekly statutory maintenance checks on the TR® safety observation method. All persons performing checks at a site must use the same assessment criteria in order for the results to be reliable.
A special feedback table can be produced of the findings to give workers easy access to information about safety management and progress on the site.

Use of TR in the context of inspections

Inspectors check the entire site for factors that could contribute to occupational accidents and record their findings on a standard form on a pass/fail basis. More than 100 observations are typically made per inspection.
The inspector’s observations form the basis of an overall index for the site, which illustrates the percentage of factors that are in order relative to all the issues addressed in the course of the inspection. A site’s TR index is 100 if all the inspected issues are in order. Higher scores in subsequent surveys indicate that steps taken to improve occupational safety on the site have been effective, while lower scores mean that more attention must be given to occupational safety.
A high TR index is known to correlate with a low rate of occupational accidents.

Best residential construction sites win awards

The TR safety observation method also features in the residential construction sector’s safety competitions, which are held annually by the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT and its regional branches. The competitions are open to all members of the confederation. The competitions are regional, but the best construction sites on a national level also win prizes.
The best sites, contractors and subcontractors in both the residential construction sector and the civil engineering sector each year are announced at annual award ceremonies. The most important criterion is a site’s TR or MVR score, although other criteria, such as accident frequency rate, are also used.
TR 2010 template (in Finnish)