Machine operators’ qualifications

Machine operators’ qualifications -alasivu

Special competence is required of operators of certain types of particularly dangerous machinery.

Only qualified individuals can work as mobile crane operators. However, no formal qualifications are required if the crane’s maximum lifting capacity is less than five tonnes. These so-called mini cranes are used in various small-scale installation works mostly in the industrial sector and in construction. However, even mini cranes can only be used by experienced operators, as they pose the same kinds of dangers as larger cranes.

Tower crane operators must have worked with tower cranes as part of their training. There is no specific vocational course for tower crane operators like there is for mobile crane operators, and instead tower cranes are covered by construction workers’ basic vocational education.

Loader crane operators also need to be professionally trained if the crane’s loading torque is more than 25 tonne-metres and it is primarily used for something other than loading vehicles.

Forklift and man lift operators need to have written authorisation from their employer. Only individuals who can demonstrate their ability to operate these kinds of machinery safely can be given authorisation.

Recognition of foreign crane operator qualifications and site-specific permits can be requested from the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health.